Galerie Prat-Marca

Claire Prat-Marca.jpg
Maisons-Laffitte, France
46 Rue Jean Mermoz Maisons-Laffitte Île-de-France 78600 FR

The PRAT MARCA gallery is an itinerant modern art gallery which represents artists of international stature.

My objective: to introduce talented artists and bring art to your homes.

Artistic director, in the written press, communication and art fields, my desire was to share my discoveries of talented artists I have fallen for.

Convinced that, to get on with the evolution of the society, art must be regarded in a lively, friendly and open to any public environment, the gallery has an alternative to the traditional galleries, that of the itinerancy.

As of its opening in 2013, the Parisian gallery is committed to displaying a generation of young artists, famous or emerging, painters, sculptors, photographers, video makers or graffiti artists.

Thanks to its reputation, the gallery can today mobilise thirty artists and numerous collectives.

With the support of its partners, the Espace Dali and the Montmartre gallery, and thanks to its commitment and hard work to disclose this new generation of artists, the gallery is -three years after its opening- widening to now organise prestigious exhibitions (festivals, exhibitions in collaboration with the European Institutions) while conserving its capacity to organise ephemeral, more intimate exhibitions for private institutions and individuals. Drawing from its great flexibility (light and responsive structure) and ease to adapt to diverse venues, the PRAT MARCA gallery, by building on its programmation of selected artists, attracts a remarkable customer base be it during major events of the Parisian life or in private locations.

Why this approach?

The two worlds of art and business rarely cross paths. By creating an itinerant gallery which organises ephemeral artistic exhibitions, I propose to bridge the gap between those two univers. The artists and their work are brought to light. The private institution or individual who host the event enjoy a prestigious service. Indeed, a reception, around a vernissage, will be a great opportunity to share a nice time with your relations and friends.


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