The team

Femmes Entrepreneures Team : bureau and volunteers

Femmes Entrepreneures is a Loi 1901 association driven by the talent, enthusiasm and availability of its volunteers.



Alexandra Franqueville

I am French with an American history. I used to practice law as an attorney specialised in mergers and acquisitions in Paris. I am now in charge of the business development in Paris Ile de France of the English company, Currencies Direct

I am honoured to be the President of Femmes Entrepreneures. I am using my experience, my skills and my heart so that our Association will be known as one of the best networks for bilingual women entrepreneurs.


Gwen Guidou

After 7 years as a consultant and IT project manager, I chose to change life and create Brins d’Histoires, a publishing company specialized in private prints. With my experience and my love of local history, I completed my training and imagined an original service offering to individuals to share and pass on their story in beautiful books.

I bring this expertise (project management, DTP, web) for the association where I manage memberships and most importantly work on the visibility of members within and outside the organization- through the website and communication materials …